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Brown banner image with background of fall leaves. Text reads Welcoming SJFs new board members. There is an illustration of four people standing together in silhouette wearing cozy hats scarves earmuffs and lifting a mug of cocoa in the bottom center

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are putting on a show, and the rain is coming down — we’ve reached peak cozy season in the Pacific Northwest. It’s the perfect time to warmly usher in SJF’s newest board members, six radical, powerful, and visionary leaders who are deepening their commitment to SJF through leadership: Allister Byrd, Bax White, Florence Sum, James Filipi (bio soon to come!), Nuhamin Eiden, and Taylor Coats.

Raise a mug of your favorite warm drink to our newest board members!


Picture of Allister Byrd a Black woman with a warm smile wearing a blue print topAllister Byrd | Portland, OR
Allister (she/her) was born in St. Louis and has spent the last 8 years living in Portland and Seattle. Her passion for empowering and advocating for Black and POC communities was actualized during her time as a development associate at Black United Fund of Oregon and put into practice as a board member of RDDCL (Radical Donors of Color for Collective Liberation) and during the Gender Justice Giving Project in 2016 where she first learned about participatory grantmaking.

In her current role as the Program Officer for the Justice Oregon for Black Lives Initiative at the Meyer Memorial Trust, she works to position community power as the way forward to transform and reimagine philanthropy. When she is not working, you can find Allister cheering on her favorite team, the Portland Trailblazers, or caring for her long stemmed pothos plants.

“My favorite SJF value is Abundance. Traditional philanthropy asks organizations to compete for resources when there is so much abundance all around us — let’s switch up the mindset for good!”


Picture of Bdub a white person with brown hair wearing glasses and a black sweatshirt posing with their husky mix Brioche who is very very cute

Bax (Bdub) White | Portland, OR

Bax (they/them) joined the SJF staff in 2018 as the Oregon Development Manager. They co-facilitated Giving Projects, led Oregon development efforts, and served on the Black Liberation Committee. After leaving staff, they joined SJF’s White Donor Organizing team where they continue to work to move resources to grassroots movement work.

Before SJF, Bax had done development work for almost twenty years at organizations like Bikes Not Bombs and Write Around Portland. Bax also organized with SURJ PDX’s Black Lives Matter Action Group. Today, they are a therapist at Owls’ Nest North where they work primarily with queer and trans folks. Bax didn’t set out to study dog enrichment, but Brioche (an independent, smart husky mix) and Nova (a fearful, sweet catahoula leopard mix) have taught them so much. Bax’s go to karaoke song is Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.”

Bdub’s favorite SJF value is Accountability and the ways continual learning and change show up in all of the values.


Picture of Florence a Chinse person smiling in the sun. Flo has long black hair with one side shaved and they are wearing colorful earrings a white top and glasses.Florence “Flo” Sum | Seattle, WA

Florence (they/she) was born and raised on Duwamish ancestral lands in South Seattle. Flo is currently the Fellowship Program Manager at RVC, Rooted in Vibrant Communities, a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with BIPOC-led nonprofit organizations by cultivating leaders of color, strengthening organizations led by communities of color, and fostering collaboration between diverse communities. Much of their work has been at the intersections of education abolition, personal and societal healing and transformation. They have a background in anti-racism, youth-centered political education, facilitation, and trauma-informed practices. Flo joined the Gender Justice Giving Project in 2017 and SJF has helped form their analysis around wealth redistribution and resource organizing. In addition, Flo is passionate about discovering cities through their transit system and food scene, muay thai, folicking in nature, and diving into sci-fi and political books.


Picture of Nuhamin a Black person with short cropped dyed red hair wearing gold earrings and a white top with a floral print. They have a fierce and knowing expression on their face.Nuhamin Eiden | Portland, OR

Nuhamin (she/they) was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to a large family. They emigrated to the United States at the turn of the century and have called Portland home for the past 16 years. Nuhamin has spent this time weaving a community intent on building systems rooted in justice and has made lifelong kinships that continue to deepen and expand. Nuhamin has a background in equitable economic development, housing justice, and organizational leadership. Her training is in Anthropology, History, and Public Administration. Nuhamin spends their free time writing, reading, listening to music, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends. Nuhamin’s go-to karaoke song is The Fugees’ version of “Killing me Softly.”


Picture of Taylor a Black person with their braided hair in a top knot wearing hoop earrings a coin necklace and a yellow striped top. They have a sunny smile on their face.Taylor Coats | Seattle, WA

A newcomer to the Seattle area from the Bay Area, Taylor (she/they) relocated to pursue a master’s degree in nonprofit leadership from Seattle University. Since receiving her bachelor’s degree in political science from Howard University, she has dedicated her educational and professional careers to the service of community organizations spanning several focuses, including LGBTQ2IA+ rights, racial equity and the closure of the opportunity gap. Most recently, she served as an outreach engagement specialist for Our Family Coalition, a San Francisco-based queer family resource center. As Philanthropy Northwest’s Program and Membership Associate, Taylor enjoys learning more about the wonderful work towards equity and access happening here in the Pacific Northwest.

Taylor is energized by community organizing and empowerment work in support of marginalized peoples. Outside of work she enjoys reading, making candles and collecting art. Taylor lives in Seattle with her partner, Autumn, and fur-baby, Eloise Fitzgerald (Ellie for short).

“My favorite of the SJF values is without a doubt accountability. I feel like it’s a critical and often lacking aspect within philanthropy. I’m excited that SJF is endeavoring to thoughtfully embed accountability within our practices and the ways that we build community.”