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rectangular banner image with colorful gold and purple background made up of glowing bokeh flashes. White text reads SJFs 45th Birthday Party. Saturday October 7 2023. Thank you.

Over three years into this pandemic (with the majority of SJF staff still working from home!), it is a rare treat to experience, real-time and multiplied by every face we had the pleasure to greet, the brilliance, humor, dedication, and passion of our community. The SJF staff sends a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us and donated in honor of our 45th Birthday Party!

Some favorite memories from the evening, in no particular order:

  • Cackling at emcee Flo Sum’s pristine collection of dad jokes
  • Getting a glimpse of Potlatch Fund’s 20th Anniversary Gala during leader, organizer, and SJF consultant Tai Simpson’s beautiful speech
  • When our Executive Director Valériana’s rousing Land & Labor acknowledgement rightfully brought the house down!
  • Hearing our HR & Work Culture Manager Precious lift her voice alongside other Filipino activists as part of musical group Palay
  • Going on a trip down memory lane with longtime SJF member Vickie Goodwin who joined us all the way from Wyoming!
  • When Joy Alise Davis, Executive Director of SJF grantee Imagine Black, spoke on the importance of finding our political homes as one part of building Black political power
  • The incredible sweetness and warmth with which y’all welcomed new staffers Adiza and Emily as they announced the upcoming Environmental Justice Giving Project!
  • Dining on some of the best fundraiser food (if we do say so ourselves) we’ve ever had, thanks to the amazing chefs from Off the Rez
  • These words from SJF Board Member Bax White: “Allister and I invite you to join us by making a donation to SJF now–not out of scarcity or fear–but out of hope. Hope that together we can continue to build a multi-racial, cross-class movement that honors Black lives, that supports Indigenous sovereignty, that celebrates queer joy, and that cares for our planet. We know it is possible to construct a world where all of us are liberated, and it starts with putting in the ground work now.”

In addition to your laughter and enthusiastic applause, y’all also brought some incredible generosity: we raised nearly $82,000—including $44,000 in individual donations—toward our goal of $100,000 for SJF’s annual fund! Supporting this work makes it possible for us to pay staff, host workshops and events (just like this one!) and have the capacity necessary to support the work of building progressive grassroots movements for justice. If you haven’t made your gift in honor of SJF’s 45th Anniversary, it’s not too late—help us reach our goal by December 4th!

If you missed out on the evening or simply want to relive the magic, a captioned video recording of the event is up on our YouTube channel now—click here to watch it! And now for our favorite part: scroll down to see some of the pictures, and find all the photos up on our Facebook page soon!